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Option descriptions

It would maybe be sensible to have instead a structure in which we can load every parameter and their descriptions, in order to have an automated --help option :

 GetOpt getOpt = new GetOpt(
  "in", &inFile, "Input file (Raw data)",
  "out", &outFile, "Output file (XML data)"
 ) ;

getOpt.parseAutoHelp(args) ;

then an arg "--help" would print :
 --help         : this help
 --in <string>  : Input file (Raw data)
 --out <string> : Output file (XML data)

Synopsis improvement

Hint at use of single letter and multiple name options with "verbose|v".

Strict single letter options

Currently long option syntax is accepted for single letter options (e.g. --v). Perhaps this is a bug. If not, would like option to disallow it.


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