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This page is intended for updates about Wiki4D itself. If you have a general question about D, you should use one of the D newsgroups.

Dec 14, 2011

Sorry, a spammer is misusing my name (he used "Peter Müller" before). I'll try to ban him by IP. -- HelmutLeitner December 14, 2011 16:39 CET

Nov 13, 2011

I was reading the table of feature comparison between D and other langs, and was frustrated. The table is wider than my screen. I cannot even make the window wide enough to show the last of it, so I don't even know what langs are included off to the far right. (Unless I peek at the source.)

Any table wider than the browser window should automatically cause a horizontal scrollbar to appear!

-- AndersHallstrom? November 13, 2011 0:47 CET

Sep 09, 2010

The "Library Reference" link ( in the D 2.0 Home page ( navbar is broken. The closest match I could find is "Phobos Runtime Library" at

May 29, 2010

The layout has been changed to fit more the state of the art.

July 17, 2009

The layout has been a big improvement for this site. There are a number pages that have been intentionally not referenced. The pages that continue to persist have not received an appropriate amount of content updates, personal opinion is that people could not find the pages.

June 25, 2009

Wiki4D has received a new structure, The front page can be reverted to return to the old. There is missing content. I will be continuing to work on adding what is missing, and cleaning up what exists. The hope is people can start using the new structure to find the most common pages.

Quick Help during Edit

Note: this may be a www.prowiki issue rather than Wiki4D . But there is a reference to a template so maybe this is something that the Wiki4D administrator can modify.

When doing an edit, there is some Help that appears near the bottom. It indicates using {link in curly bracket}? but this doesn't seem necessary to accomplish a link (see next comment).

Also, I looked all over the prowiki help pages to find out how to turn off wiki formatting, and eventually found <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags on the help page for Perhaps consider adding the nowiki tag to the help info.

I did encounter some 'under construction' paragraphs on the prowiki website, which certainly wasn't a confidence builder.

Preferences webpage

Note: this may be a www.prowiki issue rather than Wiki4D.

For clarity, I would suggest that the Preferences page:
be revised so that the current first line for the username:
username: _____ e.g. PeterSmith
is something like:
UserName: _____ e.g. PeterSmith (must start with CapitalLetter. CamelCasing recommended. Avoid underscores.)

PEBKAC, but I wrestled with trying to "register" as l_d_allan and then L_D_Allan ... until I realized the error of my ways. I'm just hoping to help other people avoid the problem I encountered. -- LynnAllan

New Layout

I took the matter in my own hands (and downloaded a template :P)! Enjoy!

It's quite a different look. I'm not sure how I feel about the colors, but my biggest problem is the way that it is fixed width. I think the fixed-width aspect messes up a lot of pages that really need to be wider (such as: and WinDbg). Now, I'll grant you that perhaps the Dsource page shouldn't have a big table and perhaps the WinDbg page should be reformatted, but I think the wiki template should be more flexible for different styles since there are multiple contributors (and we haven't been very good at enforcing any kind of common style). Also, I like to be able to choose the width of my browser window, and I like it when the page I'm browsing respects that. -- JustinCalvarese

Sorry, but the new look is not nice at all. Half my screen is now filled with orange colored space and the font is so tiny - I can hardly read the orange text on black background. DerekParnell February 28, 2007 18:14 CET

Bumped the textsize up from 11 to 15 and made it have somewhat dynamic width. -- DavidSwe

Text could be somewhat smaller in my view. I can take it down by CTL-- twice in Firefox -- DavidMxGreen


I made a new logo for Wiki4D It would be nice if someone took a look at the css and made this wiki look more web 2.0ish

September 6, 2006, Spam problem

Because of recent spam and requests, I've blocked the IP range 86.34.58.* by the command "wiki.cgi?action=kill&ip=86.34.58".

Blocking IPs needs special rights which can be assigned, if there is a need. The IP is either displayed in RecentChanges, either directly or as a HTML title of the username link if the spammer uses a username. See ProWikiCenter:Command/ActionKill.

The process can be streamlined using a form to send the command, if there is a need. BTW all blocking is server-wide, so Wiki4D hasn't seen a lot of spammers because they have been blocked due to their activity in other wikis. -- HelmutLeitner September 6, 2006 8:39 CET

Feb 21, 2005

Is it possible to download an archive of this wiki, both for offline browsing and for archival purposes ?

-- AndersFBjörklund

    • I guess not ? That sucks. Do I need to spider it ?
I don't know that there's a formal way to archive it, but since "Index" (at the top of each page) links to every page, you should be able to run a script to grab every page listed in the index. -- JustinCalvarese

Oct 29, 2004

I've configured that contributors have to enter a name in "Preferences" before editing pages. This is meant to reduce the amount of spam that we constantly had during the last weeks. Hope, you don't mind. -- HelmutLeitner October 29, 2004 16:11 CET

Thanks. That sounds like a good idea. -- JustinCalvarese

Sep 14, 2004

I've now globally blocked this spammer:, but he changes his IP every now and then. -- HelmutLeitner

I would advocate that the hints and clues that show below this edit box while in edit mode include mention of <nowiki>LeaveAlone</nowiki> -- LynnAllan

Ok, no problem. There is <n>LeaveAlone</n> too. Which do you prefer? -- HelmutLeitner

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