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POSIX getopt parameter parsing

2007-10-16: DMD 2.006 includes std.getopt by Andrei Alexandrescu.

Earlier Project

Author/Contact: Juanjo Álvarez Martínez MAIL juanjux (AT)

Project Page: None.

Download URL: ( getopt.d)

Mailing list: None.


Pure D implementation of the POSIX getopt function for program parameter parsing (the standard and the lib allow the --parameter=argument --parameter argument -p arg and -parg otherargs forms). Although a POSIX standard, nothing prevents it from being used in other platforms (it doesn't have any platform dependent code). The implementation is heavily based on the Python getopt module.

Status: Done and sent to Walter. A Gnu style gnugetopt() function would be nice to have.

In need of help?: Not (almost finished project).

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This turns out to be such a popular idea for an addition to Phobos that several other people have written modules with the same goal.

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