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"DMDScript is an implementation of the ECMA 262 scripting language (also known as javascript). The engine is written 100% in D, comes with full source code, and linkable libraries for Windows and linux. This means that any D application for which adding on scripting capability makes sense can now do it." (from Post:DMDScript/44)

The most recent version of DMDScript is implemented in the D Programming Language, but a C++ implementation is also available.

A tutorial for using DMDscript within a D program has been started by 'nobody'. The original is available at the DMDScript newsgroup.

Related Projects


The DMDScript code has been forked into a project called " Walnut" ( forum).

New version by Alan Knowles

Daily builds and much more: includes gtkjs, mjs and jsfastcgi ( announcement)

Renamed Rooscript


  • Replaced Regex engine (basically very compatible with normal javascript)
  • Phobos bindings (for file access & more)
  • Gtk bindings
  • Mysql Bindings
  • DOM bindings
  • Manual
  • Access to Tokenizer from Javascript
  • Many examples /tests...

DMDScript Newsgroup

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