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Wiki4 D

This wiki here, built to support the users of the D Programming language.

There are two domain names for this wiki due to historical reasons (both go to the same server so its the same wiki).

The only difference that I know of is that the "Preferences" for prowiki and wikiservice is separate (probably because of how the cookie is set). Other than that (and the different URLs), they are the same. The content is the same.

For example, "news" is the same.

Seems not very logical, isn't it? For those who want to know the reason for this ... it's even more complicated. ... there are even 10 ten domains that you can use to access Wiki4D:

because we host many low-budget projects (there are very low-priced personal and school wikis) and want that our customers are able to use a fitting domain name, as long as they do not want to pay for a separate domain. "wikiservice" embodies us as provider, "prowiki" embodies our wiki software. The top-level domain allows to identify as non-profi, commercial, Austrian, German or Swiss wiki website (the countries where we started and where still most of our customers are located).

There is usually a canonical URL coded into the ProWiki:InterWiki table: Wiki4D:FontPage (look at what URL the browser targets). You can use this shorthand from any other of our wikis. The assigment itself may change. Someday surely there will be a separate domain for Wiki4D (maybe but the other access paths will continue to work, because it isn't nice to break external links.

-- HelmutLeitner

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