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Compiler questions   
-release flag   
Virtual function table pointer   

Compiler questions    

-release flag    

-release eliminates assertion tests explicit:

    assert (x);
and implicit:
    // if -release is not given, this checks that y is in bounds for x.
    x [y] = z;
-release essentially turns all runtime safety controls off. I don't recommend it - if your program goes bad, it'll be very difficult to find out where and why. Array-using code is impacted by the checks, but you can get around that safely in inner loops by using pointers. [Burton Radon, Sep04]

Virtual function table pointer    

If there are no virtual functions left in a class, does the VFT pointer go away? [Bill Cox, Jan 03]

No, it's always there, both because it inherits from Object which has virtual functions, and because many features rely on the first entry in the VFT being a pointer to the ClassInfo. [Walter Bright]

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