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Dig is a GUI library, Burton Radons,


The unDig (unofficial dig) project is something of a revival of dig to keep it compiling with new version of DMD.

The revival has kind of died. There are several other GUI libraries available that are usable. See GUI Libraries for more details. -- JustinCalvarese


Burton has the newest version of digc (the dig compiler utility) at ( NG:digitalmars.D.announce/1546).

See Grammar Parsers and Reference for Tools for similar tools.

Dig Examples

Warning: Dig hasn't been under active development for quite a while, so files that compile with the latest DMD compiler probably won't be unavailable.

Sample NameDescriptionLocationThings to find or learn
timeruntiming of program execution\dig\utilsinterface to Win32 API, (QueryPerformance* functions), interface to C API (spawn* functions)
cartoon2D rotation and lighting\dig\examples...
halhelloCommon Windows dialogs\dig\examplesOpen File, Select Font, Select Color

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