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Dsource Example: DsourceTutorial:RegularExpressionsExample
Example: Regular Expressions Example

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* EasyPCRE (Perl Compatible)
* EasyPCRE (Perl Compatible)

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* Regular Expression HOWTO (for Python):
* Perl Regular Expressions Tutorial:
* Kodos - The Python Regex Debugger:
* -
* Regular Expression HOWTO (for Python)
* Perl Regular Expressions Tutorial
* Kodos: The Python Regex Debugger

D has regular expression support in Phobos in std.regexp.

The Digital Mars regular expression engine is common to DMC amd DMD.

Example: Regular Expressions Example

An alternative RE class that can be used in D instead of the std.regexp:

Regular expressions with Digital Mars and D aren't exactly the same as the regular expressions in Perl and Python, but these tutorials should still be helpful:
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