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Wiki Web

A WikiWeb (aka Wiki or WikiWikiWeb) is a fast and open authoring tool for webpages, developed by Ward Cunningham in 1995. A lot of proprietary and free implementations are available.

The classical wiki features are:

  • everybody may edit any page
  • pages are linked automatically
  • pages are created automatically
  • contributions are listed on RecentChanges
  • links to images, external webpages, ISBNs are created automatically
  • you don't need to know or learn HTML to write wiki pages
  • you may search the title and the full text of pages
  • a diff displays the last change to the page
  • any page title is a link to a backlink search
  • there is a system of folders (or categories)
The ProWikiSoftware used here adds a number of features:
  • simple page deletion (the archive is our safety net)
  • an RCS archive of page changes
  • upload for files, documents and images
  • extended text formatting (CDML)
  • spell checking, table of contents, hotspots, ...

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