Last update September 15, 2005

Traveler Hauptman

Traveler Hauptman - th isat barrett thendot com -

Designs robots for robotics researchers. Writes realtime drivers and API's for said robots.

I have started to learn D in ernest now after a year of tracking its progress. I have been learning by porting my robot code. Since most of it lies close to the bone of the hardware, I have had to come to grips with the guts that most application developers can ignore.

What I need from D: Determinism. I need to be able to turn off the garbage collector. I need to turn off data initialization. (Hurray for the void initializer!)

Bindable by other languages. Access to D objects from C; Auto-generated .h files?

\#defines are often used for clarity and input reduction in my code. I would like template functions to be callable by const initializers (ie compiled and then run by the compiler to get a value for the const).

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