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Std Os Linux Comments

There really shouldn't be much "Linux specific stuff" should there? std.os.unix is a better name, no?

-- Elias Martenson

Don't right know about your convetions of posting. So I write it down here!
Question is: What does std intend to express? Does everything, which is standardiesd have to be in there? Even if it is so, UN!X is not a standard, UN!X is a product with copyrights on it (Remeber the SCO attack on Linux?). So maybe the namespace should be POSIX.

What if std tends to denote D-standard things? Then I think it should perhaps be:
    • std....
    • os.win32
    • os.posix
The more I think about it, the more I don't like .os.... things in std, because I would expect code which only uses std.-stuff to compile and run on any platform.

-- Marcus Perlick

The symbol std represents that something is part of the D standard library ("Phobos"). I like it because it makes it more obvious what is in the standard library and what isn't. Other names were suggested such as dlib, libd, core, etc., but Walter selected std and I think std works well. The idea of calling it POSIX has been brought up before in NG:D/18932 and Walter responded that a change could occur ( NG:D/18956), but I think it's unlikely to change before D has been ported to several POSIX platforms.

-- JustinCalvarese

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