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Stale Pages

This page is a todo list of sorts, a place to note pages that are out of date with the current state of the d world:

  • LanguagesVersusD
    • fold in comments about haskel from BulatZiganshin
    • fold in comments from the discussion, particularly deciding on language vs runtime vs library
    • link to tiobi?
  • JavaToD
    • update for newer versions of DMD, and any tools used for DWT
  • FeatureRequestList/LinuxLinkOption
    • I believe there was a recent change to allow exactly this
  • ComingFrom
    • review each of the sub pages for elaboration
  • FAQ pages: ShortFrequentAnswers, FaqRoadmap, ErrorMessages
  • CurrentDUse
    • Where they're hosted is much less relevant than _what_ is hosted.
  • PerfectD
    • the layout needs to be improved, a toc at the top added, and a lot of grammar issues worked out.
  • PendingPeeves and FeatureRequestList
    • clean up the done items? At least shuffle them around so the undone stuff is clearer
    • File bugzilla entries for each so they're more on the official radar?
    • Fold together?
    • examine all the sub pages, some should be moved out of feature requests to first class doc pages, probably
  • PhobosToDo
    • cleanup finished parts
    • file bugs
  • PhobosLicenseIssues
    • re-examine current phobos
    • file bugs for non-public domain pieces?
  • HelpDProgress
    • add stuff to it, like this list.. recursion is fun.

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