Last update June 1, 2006

One Minute Wiki

Welcome to this wiki.

1. You can read this wiki like any other website. Just follow the links.

2. If you want to write some stuff- it's easy and takes only a few seconds:

(1) click on "Edit"
(2) edit the existing text in the form that will show up
(3) click on "Save" (you may also "Preview" or discard your text)

3. If you want to try it, why not do it here? Add a comment to this page! You may also use the TestPage which is often used for the first steps.

4. Do you want to create a new page? It's simple:

Join 2 or more uppercase words together like GuestBook or UnknownPage?. These are recognized as page names.
If the page exists the link shows automatically (GuestBook).
If the page doesn't exist you will get an "?"-link after it (UnknownPage?). Click it to create the page.

5. A few words about safety. Typically wikis aren't safe but this wiki is safe. If someone destroys some text accidentally it will be restored from the page archive by those who care. We call this "soft security".

6. What's next? Put your name into the GuestBook? Add some comment? Ask some questions? Create your homepage starting from your GuestBook entry? Start writing about your favorite topic or project?

7. You are welcome as a guest. Feel at home. Become a friend.

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