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Lars Ivar Igesund

I am a Master of Science within computer engineering (software, algorithms and graphics) from NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. I'm currently working with system development using Java, but have also worked with D and C++. Since I first learned of D, I have tried my hands on many projects. I'll try to list them, newest at the top.

Oh, and I co-authored the first printed English book about D - Learn to Tango with D.

  • Tango - I am one of the project leaders
  • I worked on ELF support, but it wasn't finished as Tango came along
  • Sinbad over at dsource, (probably indefinately) on ice and still in it's start phase.
  • dcurses over at dsource, the version in svn worked partially once, but has been abandoned after I failed to rewrite it in a sane way.
  • http://www.a-a-p-org Not mantained anymore, but it used to work great for D...
  • ddepcheck is/was a dependency checker for D source.
  • there are also at least three other projects that never made the public scene, although one of them might still
  • MAIL larsivar (AT)
  • Blog:
  • My company:


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Lars, welcome to this wiki. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner


Lars Ivar, I hope you don't mind, but I moved A-P-P to ReferenceForTools because I think it fits there better. Thanks for your contributions. -- JustinCalvarese

No problem!

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