Last update April 29, 2005

John Fletcher

I have been a user of Walter's compilers since Zortech version 2 point something and learned my C++ using it.

I am familiar with the Wiki concept and so putting D and Wiki together seems a good idea.

I haven't used D much, and not recently, but have started to use it with the version of SWIG which has a mode for D contributed by AndyFriesen. This offers a way to interface D to classes written in C++. I am not sure what this will give me which I haven't got already in interfacing C++ classes to ruby or python, but I am interested to see what is possible. A page for discussion of this is DwithSwig.

I have added a page called DforLinux to collect ideas for use of D on Linux.

John Fletcher

John, welcome. It's good to see how the interest in D grows. I did a lot of D programing 6 months ago and liked it very much. Currently my job doesn't give me enough spare time, but I follow the discussions and do the technical support for the wiki.-- HelmutLeitner

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