Last update July 16, 2009

Jesse Phillips

I'm a CS graduated student. I am found lurking around #D at times as 'nascent.' I have been following D since 2006, but have known of it over a year before that.

I look forward to the coming release of D2.x. There has been a lot of progress made to make D much more appealing, unique language. I think the release of D2.x will allow the community to work work together more if Tango becomes an extension library, rather than a replacement.

I don't know how library developers will be maintaining a split for compiler versions. It while I would like concentration to be placed on D2, this is only because I have no programs relying on D1.x. I think a sudden lack of support by the community for D1.x would be just as bad as the compiler losing support. (I don't see this as an issue though)

The lack of libraries at the release of D2.x will be a bad thing. The mention of available libraries and features of D2.x tend to go together... sadly they don't work together at the moment and this will turn people away from D. This is a very similar issue found between the two run-time libraries, luckily most only use Tango anyway. I this will end up being the biggest issue when the release comes.

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