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Helmut Leitner

A software developer from Graz, Austria. Born 1955 in Salzburg, married, two children. Wiki developer. A theoretical chemist in a former life. Started programming in FORTRAN using punched cards in 1970. Languages I currently use: C, Perl, Visual Basic. Other languages I used for projects: Fortran, Pascal, Assembler, Java. Other languages I looked at: Ada, Algol, C++, C#, Forth, Lisp, Scheme. Interests: family, sports, games, books, philosophy.


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Dear Helmut, I was interested in the VenusLibrary (after reading the first phrase on that page), but if I download the .zip file I don't get the third mentioned folder:

   c:\d\helmut\examples    /* not in the zipfile I downloaded today */
However, some examples would help me much since the VenusLibrary/Documentation is not explicit enough for me. Also, isn't there a newer version than that from 2003? Thanks in advance. -- MaximilianHasler?, 18.7.06

Maximilian, thank you for your interest in the Venus library. I'm sorry for the lacking documentation and will provide my example programs as soon as possible (I've got them archived, sometimes this week). In fact there is no newer version of Venus because I interrupted working on it when import collisions and newer D releases breaking my code frustrated me. Afterwards I only did the dmake spike. I hope that D will stabilize soon and that new "windows of opportunity" will open up for me to use D in real world commercial applications. -- HelmutLeitner

Vielen Dank, Helmut! Ein großes Tat fur D, Walter, und die ganze D - Gemeinschaft! --GeorgWrede

Danke, im Namen aller Angesprochenen. -- HelmutLeitner

Hi Helmut, great initiative! How do you find the time to seed so much? -- PoulStaugaard

Hi Poul, I've built a solid software that supports me in that. I seed as I go along and see a need. And earning a little money with wikis every now and then also helps, although I couldn't live on it. -- HelmutLeitner


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