Last update May 21, 2009

Andy Friesen

Just another schoolboy who thinks he knows a lot. Nothing to see here!

Some of the more useful things I've done (or am doing, rather) which are relevant to D:


Andy. Thanks for putting up your new version. Also, thanks for moving to the new SWIG 1.3.21. I will try it out when I have a chance. JohnFletcher

Hi Andy, enter you name at "Preferences" and you'll see additional wiki functions - e. g. the revision archive - at the bottom of each page. -- HelmutLeitner

Andy, I'm glad to read you have a website again: -- JustinCalvarese

I retrieved your D grammar from the bitbucket but it has no license, so no one can use it for anything. Any permissive license (BSD/MIT/X/Boost/Public Domain/etc) would be acceptable. - MarkWhitis?

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