March 26, 2004
Helmut Leitner /
Archives about Wiki School Messages - march 2004

Hi Helmut, would you be ready to join a research project dropped on MeatBall:WikiSchool. Your experience could help to promote wiki in France. Have a nice week-end. -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, I'd be happy to help, if I can. Tell me how I can. What do you expect from me? -- HelmutLeitner

Hi Helmut thanks. We're currently working (via crao interwiki....easier in french) for a french concours about the development of Local Internet Usages. I don't mind about the software. Just a social imagination to make wiki well known for documents processing in schools.

On a personal point of view, I'm still amazed by the AutoLinkStrategies of ProWiki. Could really help for young children. But how could be this subject (like WikiProcessCouldProduceSmartDocumentsNetworksAbleToBuildSocialNetworks !) be discussed on a human to human point of view. As you told me (wiki is a human challenge 70%). I do really like some LionKimbro thinkings about documents.

Could we imagine building with cw crao and... a catalog of wiki processes dedicated to schools. A sort of label of international networking (independant of any wikiengine).

To be clear, would you be ready to drive some conversations with Lion, Serge & Arnaud on cw or elsewhere dedicated to coop for the production of InterWikiSchool.

The main ambition could be the emulation (stimulation ?) of a first european or international team to think about development of InterWikischool.

The question remains : we would like to help young pupils to get a better understanding of coop through socialsoftwareprocess and make them learn languages in an innovative way.... ? Now persuaded that wiki could really be possible to make children better understand the web. Regards. -- ChristopheDucamp

Christophe, I'm happy to discuss any wiki issues with anybody, but I know that Lions' ideas are usually technocratic in nature and flawed in one way or the other (timing, scaling, social blindness). His attitude to "inject ideas" and expect that others have to put work into them and bring them to live is childish sandbox behaviour. If you want wiki at school then YOU will have to work very hard for that. I'm doing this in my German environment anyway. I'll also be happy to contribute to an international project but don't expect me to do more than 5% of that work. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks Helmut for your franchise. Currently feeling it's a really tough work to make french people change habits. As for schoolblogs, the main challenge is to initiate a first french history case. But I remain confident in beginning of very small projects like CraoWiki:WikiSchoolParis. Anyway, I will try to do my best to feedback any french experience on MeatBall:WikiSchool. -- ChristopheDucamp