July 1, 2006
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Template File

(redirection from Template File)

The TemplateFile may mean two things.

A physical file in the file system, holding a TemplateText used in the WikiRenderingProcess. The canonical name is "template*.txt". It is typically placed either in the ConfigDir directory or in some upload directory (typically owned by an wiki admin).

A script variable holding the name of this file or the name of a wiki page (TemplatePage). If it is contained in a wiki page, then it is directly editable by the users that have the right to edit it.

The current variable content is:

Variable TemplateFile:

See also:

  • TemplatePrint -- a simpler template for efficient printing
  • TemplateEdit -- an optional separate template for editing
  • TemplateForm -- a future template used to edit pages as structured data

Notes on configuration

The file name may contain symbolic refernce to locations in the file system

  • TemplateFile=@WEBDIR@/prowiki/template.txt
    • @WEBDIR@ is replaced by the directory that the domain points to
  • TemplateFile=@CONFIGDIR@/template.txt
    • @CONFIGDIR@ is replaced by the directory where and wiki.cfg are located
Note that any Branch may have its own individual TemplateFile defined in its ContextPage. So you can try new designs e. g. on a single page and change the main TemplateFile variable when everything has been tuned.

Note that the TemplateFile variable may point to an accessable file in an user or a wiki upload area, so that it is changeable.

Note that it is easy to inspect the template file by accessing its URL:

Notes on efficiency

ProWiki uses plain files to store the content of pages. So there is no difference in efficiency whether you use a file or a page to hold the TemplateText. By the way, the same is true for the efficiency of ConfigurationFiles and ContextPages with respect to storing options.

See also: DataBaseVsFileSystem.

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