May 19, 2006
Wiki Research

The overall wiki community is vast and its ideas are rich. Hundreds of developers follow their dreams and create wiki engines, thousands of communities are working to realize their visions. This is a gigantic techno-social exploration process that needs to become accompanied by an appropriate WikiResearch process to become effective.

The ProWikis at WikiService have giving us a start by enabling us to look at more than hundred wiki communities during more than five years of exploration. This is a cosmos of its own containing many GB of log data and page histories to be explored. But we also observed and looked at about twice the number of international communities using all types of engines.

On this basis we feel able to plan research effectly and ask the right questions to advance. We invite researchers to collaborate with us and build a productive WikiResearch community. ProWiki supports researchers and we promise a flexible environment for research that will adapt to research needs just as well as to user needs.