September 5, 2006
Wiki Professions

Wiki is an important and flexible technology that will change many ways how we communicate and cooperate. This offers great chances for many people and organisations during the years to come.

The downside is that wikis are not like fridges, they are not technical devices to switch ON for an reproducable service. Wikis are social systems to connect people. It's easy to participate in a wiki, but it's not at all easy to be successful with wiki projects.

Therefore we need wiki professionals in various roles that are able to support WikiOwners to be successful:

  • ProWikiProvider (ProWikiProviderList) -- where you can rent a wiki, get support, get one or more wikis without binding part of your valuable time and energy. The provider cares for the physical server environments, and gives basic administrative und user support.
  • WikiConsultant -- the experts who understand wiki - all their technical and social aspects - and who are able to plan wiki systems and can help throughout the the whole wiki life cycle. They are the partners of managements but also understand the needs and mechanics of communities.
  • CommunityDirector -- professional communicator for the daily work in the community, knowledgeable about all wiki aspects, focused on the practical work in the community. They need to translate continuously between: community (people) - technology (wiki) - organisation (original goals).
  • WikiTrainer -- They help users to understand wiki and make good use of it. This includes basic and advances aspects of technical wiki features and all community aspects of communication, collaboration, decision making and conflict solving.
  • WikiDeveloper -- A programmer that also has a strong wiki and web background. He should be able translate specific user needs into efficient configuration changes or - if this is not possible - plan and develop new and reusable wiki features.
The ProWikiCenter offers a portal community for cooperating and acting in the wiki world. We are currently working to build a WikiAcademy to offer all available and relevant knowledge about wikis and online communities to support persons that want to become active in these professions and roles.