June 7, 2006
White Space Means White Space

When a typical author uses WhiteSpace at the beginning of a line he wants to indent the first line of the paragraph to make it more readable. This is not what he gets in a typical wiki, because such whitespace is typically interpreted as markup, meaning "preformatted text" (see WhiteSpaceMeansPre).

In a ProWiki you can configure WhiteSpace to mean WhiteSpace by using the Option/WhiteSpaceType (=1). Then it behaves the normal way. There is even another Option, WhiteSpaceWidth to define the horizontal extension of a single WhiteSpace character. Note that this affects only the use at the beginning of a line, inline WhiteSpace is rendered by the browser according to the font properties. BTW the paragraphs on this page all start with two blank characters and the width is defined to be 15.

You can see the configuration of this page at WhiteSpaceMeansWhiteSpace/Context. It is not the normal configuration in this wiki, it's just to show the feature here on this single page (Look into WikiFractality and OptionScope if you are interested how that works). You may consider it in wikis or branches used for writing creative texts.