May 18, 2006
User Status

The UserStatus information is the primary information used by ProWiki to give the users rights to read, write or use other Commands. UserStatus is hierarchical: a level always includes all rights of all lower levels. Note that rights can also be bound to the individual UserName or to a defined UserGroup.

UserStatusUserWeightcomes fromMeaning
Robot50Automaticmaybe locked out (to be defined)
Visitor100Automaticnot logged in, no user name, anonymous
User200Preferencesnot logged in, but user name given in "Preferences"
Login250Registration & Loginno special rights, a user that has done a Login in some wiki, not necessarily the LocalWiki
Member300Registration & Loginto be defined
Reader400Registration & Loginright to read (if the wiki isn't open for all)
Author500Registration & Loginright to write (if the wiki isn't open for all)
Editor550Registration & Loginsomewhat more than an Author (to be defined, e. g. Command/ActionPublish)
Admin600Registration & Loginrights to administration wikis, add and change user rights
Owner700Registration & Logincan create Admins (other special rights are to be defined)
Supervisor800Registration & Loginhas all rights, is responsible for the whole ProWikiServer, server specific functions become available


StatusForEdit assigns the right to edit pages, therefore the Options:

status.for.edit=Visitor or

in the TopConfiguration open or close the LocalWiki for most users.

Notes for Admins

The UserStatus is assigned and changed in the UserAdministration. The UserStatus given is valid for the LocalWiki.

With ManualUserAdministration one can give a general user status that is valid for all wikis. For example it is useful that a Supervisor can have maximum rights to all wikis ever created on a ProWikiServer.

Registration data is typically common to all wikis of a server. This means that a user can do one Login to identify himself to all wikis on a server respectively domain (he can have different UserStatus and rights in each of the wikis).

Programming / Implementation

The UserStatus is typically given by the names of the roles in the table (e. g. User or Admin). Internally this textual status translates to a number which represents the position in this hierarchical system. The number range is 0-999 and are given in the column UserWeight. Additional roles and corresponding weights can be defined for a wiki, if there is a need.

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