July 6, 2006
Slurp Protection

Slurp protection is a special service of the ProWikiSoftware.

What does "slurp" mean? There are software tools to copy whole websites to a client computer. This is called "slurping". The advantage for the user: he can look at the website offline. This is usually fine for small and medium-sized websites.

The problem. The problem starts when websites (wikis) contain thousands of pages. Slurp software tools typically try to maximize download speed and send dozens of page requests in parallel, typically thousands of requests within a few minutes. This slows the system for all other users.

The solution. When a computer sends more than a certain number of requests within a certain period of time, it will be blocked. Instead of the requested page it will get a message to slow his requests. When the computer reacts to this message, it will be unblocked automatically after a while.

Intention. The goal is to keep the response time as good (low) as possible for the interactive wiki users.

Configuration. This service is configured at the server level. The details are not published.

Known problems

This service hasn't yet been integrated into the standard ProWiki release.

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