October 30, 2006

Helmut, Greetings from Jerusalem. I introduced a peace activist here to ProWiki. They were immediately interested because of security issues, which is to say, they want a hacker proof site, as much as possible. Their previous bulletin boards were based on PHP and were all hacked by belligerents. They think that Perl in a cgi-bin would be much more secure. Could you please verify this? I share their letter, anonymous for now. Thank you! AndriusKulikauskas October 30, 2006 10:25 CET

I have some questions about pro-wiki

1- I was alarmed that there are no FAQ about security and anti-hacking measures whatever. Can you check for me? I don't want to invest a lot of time in this and also the work of others and then find that there is another application that is unusable and hundreds of pages (and bad links) gone from the Web site!

Security issues should be dealt with in a FAQ.

Ok, lets create a page SecurityQuestions, maybe later a SecurityFAQ. -- HelmutLeitner October 30, 2006 11:47 CET

2- I see there is a wiki with a discussion board. I hope it is easy to set up.

It's not quite clear what "I see" refers to. Can you give a link?

3- Language support (not mentioned either) - Suppose we want to do one in Hebrew or Arabic that goes right to left?

Left to right is supported by CSS but we haven't yet added it to the implementation. We can do so, will do so as soon as someone wants to add a corresponding ProWiki translation.

4- The site contains the somewhat alarming statement that it is not enough to have "Web space" - you need a virtual server. Why is that? What are the issues involved besides space and bandwidth - not issues for me.

This shouldn't be alarming. There is a need to deel with permissions, to have files out of web directories exactly for security reasons. With a bit of luck you can do with a web space, but statistically it won't pay, especially for us supporting this in minute detail.

5- I hope that I can program these pages to include Web counter software. That should probably be something answered in an FAQ.

Web Counters are just HTML-commands added to a an arbitrary web page or ProWiki template. No problems there.

6- A rule of mine regarding Web sites - there must always be a contact address. There is no contact address that I could find at that Web site.

What is meant by "that web site"?

Helmut, by that web site they mean the ProWiki website. Do you have a page for ContactUs, AboutUs and HelmutLeitner? They aren't prominent! And the I see refers to a page at ProWiki on how it can be used as a discussion board. Helmut, what pages describe this functionality? AndriusKulikauskas October 30, 2006 12:14 CET

Andrius, as a first step I've created a ContactUs in the sidebar, thank you for the hint. It's not entirely clear what the "us" is in an OpenSource project.

I'm not sure what your friend is talking about. Many people use wikis for discussions and one could describe how they do this. ProWiki is not very special in this respect. There is also a simple way to add a form at the end of the page for posting messages. But I doubt that he refers to that option, which does not aspire to replace a "discussion board". There is also no page here that uses the term "discussion board". So this is an unclear question to me. -- HelmutLeitner October 30, 2006 14:57 CET