April 25, 2006
Script Self Awareness

ScriptSelfAwareness is a ProWiki feature interesting to admins, providers and developers. It means that the script that is initially called uses the information from this call (the domain name, the script file name) to generate all further links and commands within the wiki.

This means:

  • you can run your wiki with a number of domains at the same time, in parallel (e. g. you can create a wiki in a subdirectory and access it .../ and then add support for .../owndomain.xy/wiki.cgi accessing the same data without disrupting the first way to access the wiki)
  • you can have a number of scripts running in parallel with one set of wiki data (e. g. you can test a new script feature in real life without interrupting the normal use of the wiki and without needing to duplicate the wiki data)

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