October 16, 2006
Pro Wiki Software

The ProWikiSoftware was developed beginning in November 2000 by HelmutLeitner (Graz, Austria) to increase the usability of the wiki system for various applications.

What is special about the ProWikiSoftware?

  • The ProWikiSoftware is bundled with high performance servers, software maintenance, automatic updates and user support to form a high quality package.
  • All our wikis use the same software and differ only in their configuration. No other software instance is used for so more different wiki applications or returns more feedback for ongoing developments.
  • You can select from a long feature list of the most powerful implementation of the wiki idea. Open and closed wikis are supported. CDML (Content Description Markup Language) offers an unlimited upgrade path for extensions.
  • The ProWikiSoftware development is guided by the ProWikiPhilosophy. We support any kind of wiki application, open or closed. We think that the wiki is more a social than a technical phenomenon. People do count. You do count.
  • The ProWikiSoftware is truly bilingual: it understands English and German at the same time without translational overhead. You can use both languages in the same wiki, even on the same page. More languages will be supported step by step.