April 26, 2006
Pro Wiki Server

A ProWikiServer is a WebServer running the ProWiki software to support a large number of wiki systems.

You will typically use an out-of-the-box Linux system, for details see SystemRequirements and ServerTypes.

There is no principle technical limit to the number of wikis that you can host. For example 100-1000 wikis, 10.000-100.000 pages and 1-10 million page requests monthly are perfectly fine on cheap standard server hardware - still without having investing in possible optimizations.

There are practical limits related to:

  • storage limitations from
    • Pages (minor, about 6KB for the average page)
    • PageRevisions (minor, about 4KB for the average page)
    • LogFiles (major, about 200 Byte per request, but you can compress, delete or archive them anytime)
    • uploaded files and other data (hard to predict, depends on the WikiApplication)
  • CPU limitations with respect to the number of average requests that the ProWikiServer can answer in a given timespan, depending on
    • the CPU power (typical 2000+ to 3000+) and the percentage available for the wiki requests
    • the RAM memory (typical 256MB to 1 GB) for programs and caching
    • other tasks or services that burden the server
    • other customers (if you run on a VirtualServer)