May 8, 2006
Pro Wiki Philosophy

The guiding principles for our wiki engagement and developments are:

  • Wiki is not an ideology. It's a decision of the owner to make a wiki closed or open. It's also his decision to choose a license, stay with standard copyright or give content away for free.
  • Wiki is for everyone (users). While computer people are the primary users, we do not build on their knowledge and expectations. E. g. the ProWikiSoftware avoids HTML and sticks to easy AutomaticLinking.
  • Wiki is for everyone (providers and developers). In March 2006 ProWiki became OpenSource in the sense of FreeSoftware. Everybody can now have ProWiki physically and participate in developing it. Become a ProWikiProvider and EarnMoneyWithProWiki.
  • Wiki is for everyone (founders). If you do not want to run your own wiki server, WikiService offers the cheapest "all inclusive" package (infrastructure, support, maintenance, updates) that makes sense. Choose your ProWikiProvider.
  • Wiki is more a social than a technical phenomenon. We care about social aspects and take our responsibility in the international wiki community. Having that said, we push forward the technical abilities of the wiki.

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