October 14, 2006
Pro Wiki Evangelism

The term "Evangelism" as related to Computer hardware or software was invented in the early days of Apple Computer and it means the engagement of individuals that show that much enthusiasm for a product that they act as mediators between the user community and the developers. Evangelists are not only early adopters, they also think in terms of the maximum benefit of the product; their intention is to show even the unmanifested potentials the products may have or have already.

Evangelism fulfills a positive role when it does more than showing the obvious. Evangelism is the point of view of the creative individual and it is per se a creative task. Many Open Source communities have not yet adopted this role, so they might end up with reliable but boring products.

So we are:

  • looking for the greatest things done with ProWiki
  • things you never thought you could do with ProWiki
  • ideas for the further development of ProWiki that make it even better (and that is not just a WYSIWYG-Editor)


October 14, 2006 FranzNahrada presented DorfWiki and the MIR subwiki for our MIR learning partnership at our meeting in Episkopi, Cyprus. Participants were interested to use it for working on project documents, indicating when they are gone for longer periods, presenting minutes of meetings, having personal profile pages, maintaining private contact information, and sharing photos. They were impressed and encouraged by the archive capabilities. One problem, however, is that most of them had forgotten their passwords. AndriusKulikauskas October 14, 2006 18:10 CET


AndriusKulikauskas: Helmut, please count me as a ProWiki evangelist!

Andrius, that's great news. This makes me very happy. Thank you. -- HelmutLeitner August 28, 2006 15:57 CET