April 24, 2006
Pro Wiki And TWiki

ProWiki and TWiki have very little in common because they are built for entirely different target groups and have different goals. It is therefore easy to make a choice.

In short: ProWiki is for all types of WikiApplications, especially for open communities. TWiki targets professional admins searching a wiki for their corporate intranet, closed, controlled and near in philosophy to CMS systems. -- HelmutLeitner


Both systems are written in Perl.

Strengths and Weaknesses of TWiki

TWiki is a complex system, not easy to install and not easy to administrate.

TWiki is very features rich, especially when you consider its plugin system. You can choose from more than 200 plugins. But these plugins have to be installed separately, so you have a lot of work to build the system you want.


CustomerTypeprofessional adminseveryone, normal peopleTWiki is a tool for the purpose of larger corporations. The goal of the ProWiki development is to enable everyone to run a wiki.
TargetApplicationCorporateWikiall WikiApplicationsTWiki is for single wiki systems on a server. ProWiki is used to run many wiki systems on the same server.
Administrationhidden, done by adminsvisible to everone, done by contributorsProWiki is much more flexible than Twiki because of its concepts of WikiContextuality and WikiFractality

Although TWiki is focuses on the CorporateWiki and is tuned to corporate needs, ProWiki is probably the better choice, if you consider that wiki means to use new chances for open communication and collaboration. Using TWiki a corporation can hardly use this potential. -- HelmutLeitner