November 6, 2010
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I started to conceptualize a way to communicate our part in the development process.

So I hope Andrius will together with Helmut write some Technical Notes and list them here.

I want to simply start a subpage User Observations FranzNahrada

Andrius and Franz, April 10, 2006

[14:49:28] minciusodas we don't want:
[14:49:41] we want: :
[14:49:42] yes?
[14:50:01] Franz Nahrada ok
[14:50:50] minciusodas so we switch to whatever is the relevant domain
[14:51:00] Our Culture is the site view
[14:51:22] we need a way for administrators to move a page
[14:51:27] or a tree of pages
[14:51:37] and we need a way for a mirror of a page to be created
[14:52:00] Franz Nahrada shared page or clone
[14:52:49] the context that owns the page is the level
[14:53:41] a persons page
[14:54:02] is a persons wiki
[14:56:19] PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE
[14:57:00] minciusodas Our Culture can serve as a decontextualized space
[14:57:04] a neutral space
[14:59:00] that a page can have a chief editor
[14:59:06] and that helps to indicate participation
[14:59:24] Franz Nahrada There are more or less "owned pages"
[14:59:40] there are private and public places
[14:59:55] everything underneath a name is owned
[15:01:38] their norms matter more

Helmut and Andrius chat on March 14, 2006
[16:21:54] minciusodas Hi Helmut, Are you free? I want to ask, how can I make various lists (folders)?
[16:22:24] For example, a ListOfPrinciples.
[16:22:34] Helmut Leitner can we do this in 30-40 minutes?
[16:22:42] minciusodas Yes, great, please let me know.
[16:57:50] Helmut Leitner Andrius, sorry for the delay
[16:57:55] I've time now
[17:00:38] minciusodas Hi, I'm here
[17:00:57] Two questions:
[17:01:01] Helmut Leitner Fine, ok what about ListOfPrinciples?
[17:01:13] minciusodas One is, How to create Lists(=Folders)
[17:01:24] and changing the syntax so it is ListOfLeaders etc.
[17:01:32] Helmut Leitner Just create the pages
[17:01:50] corresponding to HeadFolders definition
[17:02:14] currently
[17:02:16] HeadFolders="List of "
[17:02:19] minciusodas Yes
[17:02:26] Helmut Leitner which should probably change for CamelCase
[17:02:32] minciusodas yes
[17:02:34] where do I do that?
[17:03:06] Helmut Leitner IN
[17:03:10] minciusodas I see
[17:03:20] Another question that came up is aliases.
[17:03:26] Helmut Leitner OK
[17:03:32] minciusodas For example, I imagine having a page for each principle.
[17:03:37] But the names of the principles can be quite long.
[17:03:49] For example: We Treat People As Assets
[17:03:51] and longer.
[17:03:54] What should we do?
[17:04:39] Helmut Leitner There are different situations
[17:05:14] for external linking I often create a redirect page
[17:05:33] lets look for an example ...
[17:05:48] minciusodas ok
[17:06:11] Helmut Leitner
[17:06:35] not good in email, better
[17:06:46] minciusodas yes
[17:06:55] Helmut Leitner defined
[17:07:14] instead of #WEITERLEITUNG you can #REDIRECT
[17:07:21] minciusodas I see
[17:08:04] Helmut Leitner In fact we have already
[17:08:28] minciusodas ok, very good
[17:09:02] Helmut Leitner The second situation is in the page.
[17:09:10] minciusodas Helmut, you have certainly thought of a lot!
[17:09:22] It's great to work with you and your software.
[17:09:28] Helmut Leitner
[17:10:02] you've already requested dropping of ancestors from pagenames
[17:10:28] minciusodas I forget
[17:10:34] Helmut Leitner I've implemented PageNameReduction
[17:10:47] minciusodas how does that work?
[17:10:57] Helmut Leitner so written ThisIsAlongSection/PageName is shown as PageName
[17:11:44] update + Context: PageNameReduction=1
[17:11:51] minciusodas ok
[17:11:54] I see
[17:12:26] Helmut Leitner I have the Why How What Whether implemented
[17:13:08] minciusodas Helmut, How do I rebuild the page cache?
[17:15:09] Helmut Leitner
[17:15:31] minciusodas Thank you!
[17:16:34] Helmut Leitner
[17:17:14] * AutoSubPageList=Why How What Whether
[17:17:21] minciusodas Helmut, How do I have a page link to ListOfPrinciples but not have it show up there?
[17:18:06] Helmut Leitner Excuse me?
[17:18:08] minciusodas Hmm. Interesting - Why, How, What, Whether
[17:18:38] Helmut, on the Principles page I want to link to ListOfPrinciples. But I don't want to include it in the list. What should I do?
[17:18:44] Am I taking the wrong approach?
[17:19:46] Helmut Leitner Categories are only take from below the last separator line.
[17:20:15] minciusodas I see, so I should put in a separator line.
[17:20:26] Helmut Leitner So if you have another category below a separator line or add an separator intentionally...
[17:24:19] minciusodas Yes, that works
[17:24:35] OK, This is very helpful.
[17:24:43] I'm making gradual progress - this is very exciting!
[17:25:18] Helmut Leitner
[17:26:23] minciusodas I think that's all for now. I wanted to add that I will be thinking of how to manage Metadata.
[17:26:42] Helmut Leitner Ok
[17:26:46] minciusodas Is there a way that we might create a form on the right sidebar for collecting the metadata,
[17:27:14] and then having it affect the page where that may happen.
[17:27:26] Or instead of the right sidebar, perhaps better to do it at the bottom of the page.
[17:27:27] Helmut Leitner Can u give an example?
[17:27:53] minciusodas
[17:28:03] I'd like to be able to collect answers to a survey like that.
[17:28:11] And that would be the metadata of a page of type "person".
[17:28:29] Or perhaps we might break that up
[17:28:46] into metadata for separate pages like "contact" etc.
[17:29:05] Helmut Leitner An automatic subpage?
[17:29:18] minciusodas Well, perhaps keep it simple for now.
[17:29:26] Simply have a metadata collection per page.
[17:29:34] That is determined by the page type.
[17:29:39] So if the page type is Person
[17:29:51] then it would have a metadata template for that.
[17:30:15] Helmut Leitner Yes, should be simple to implement. Bolg forms are something like that.
[17:30:19] minciusodas yes
[17:30:20] Helmut Leitner Bolg=Blog
[17:30:33] minciusodas And that metadata could ultimately be stored at another location,
[17:30:37] for example, a person's site.
[17:30:49] And then mirrored.
[17:30:53] Helmut Leitner a persons private website?
[17:31:04] minciusodas A person's own domain.
[17:31:32] They might keep their metadata at their own website (perhaps as an XML file)
[17:31:35] and that could be mirrored.
[17:32:26] That would be in the future. For now we would simply focus on being able to do that with the wiki.
[17:32:58] Helmut Leitner ok, should not be a problem
[17:33:12] minciusodas I will flesh out our content more and then it will be more clear.
[17:33:25] Helmut Leitner Like location?
[17:33:30] minciusodas Yes
[17:33:37] How do you do that now?
[17:34:13] Helmut Leitner This form/data interface is in my mind. We need it for school/galerie application.
[17:34:17] minciusodas I see.
[17:34:25] Also, how do you assign a variable to a page.
[17:34:29] Helmut Leitner So if you need it, I implement it.
[17:34:42] minciusodas OK, I will think it through and describe it.
[17:35:09] You gave me some examples -
[17:35:13] Helmut Leitner A variable will be on a page like options in Context
[17:35:21] minciusodas I will look at them for assigning a variable.
[17:36:11] Helmut Leitner phone call
[17:36:24] ended
[17:36:27] minciusodas  
[17:36:45] is there a way to list the variable of another page?
[17:36:55] That would be helpful.
[17:37:06] And also to be able to retrieve that for the sidebar.
[17:37:09] The right side bar.
[17:37:18] Then I can start doing things with that data.
[17:37:22] Creating mini-reports, etc.
[17:38:15] Helmut Leitner Yes, step by step. I'm currently working on the Insert passes, testing.
[17:38:51] minciusodas OK, great.