August 10, 2006
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Translation Source

TranslationSource defines where the script should take foreign language translations from. The insert marker {lang} is replace by the two-character language abbreviations. The old language numbers are translated to the the two-character-abbreviations. See WikiLanguage.

This is the effective ServerCfg default in the release:

  • TranslationSource=@GLOBALDIR@/TranslationMap_{lang}.dw
meaning that the translations are taken from files located global server directory. The French translation e. g. from the .../TranslationMap_fr.dw file.

This is the script default:

  • TranslationSource=Admin/Translations/TranslationMap_{lang}
which would mean that the translations are local to the wiki and taken from the Admin Branch. The French translation would be taken from the "Admin/Translations/TranslationMap_fr" page.

Variable TranslationSource: