April 25, 2006
Option /
Link Rewrite

This feature supports UserNeeds/Branding by letting you assign domains to Branches of your wiki.

Life example:

Context options used at school wiki:
  • LinkRewrite=1
  • link.rewrite.*
  • link.rewrite.Nachhilfe/
Note: LinkRewrite does enhance the Apache configuration, not replace it. You need VirtualHost parameter blocks for the domains you are using point to the same DocumentRoot resp. directory.

Important note: you have to define the "link.rewrite.*" because otherwise all page links that are not covered will be shown with the domain currently used, which is the default because of ScriptSelfAwareness.

Note: this feature does not support to rewrite or redirect incoming links, although this could be added if there is an urgent need.

Note: this is just a temporary example because the domains are needed for other purposes in the near future. Hopefully AndriusKulikauskas will replace this with an permanent and full-featured OurCulture example.