January 15, 2007
Markus Lude

Every now and then testing ProWiki.

For Security reasons I usually try to set up wiki in such a way, that the server has no need to write to directories under the DocumentRoot. As far as I understand the ProWiki software, I could not easily create SubWikis then, but I don't need them. First problem is/was to figure out where and how to configure all these different directories ConfigDir, DataDir, GlobalDir. ToDo: pull out old notes, try it again and describe it here somewhere.

I usually prefer a directory layout like:

  • cgi-bin/ contains the wiki script and nothing more or as less config files as possible
  • data/prowiki/ configuration, data files, files which is written to from the wiki script (DataDir) and therein LockDir, PageDir, UserDir
  • htdocs/prowiki/maybe some subdir/ files which must be accessible from the net like images (short: files accessable from net)
ToDo: add steps to get above setup, mention drawbacks, ...