May 25, 2006
Jabber Presence

Jabber user presence information can easily be displayed on a wiki or other web page using the Jabber bot Edgar; simply follow the quick how-to on the website. -- MilkMiruku


Thanks Milk. How about building a JabberPresence table on FolderPersons page ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Are there any Jabber users other than you and I using ProWiki? -- MilkMiruku

MattisManzel -- ChristopheDucamp

hi xtof, I didn't do much expirience in jabber, more on IRC #wiki recently (great), I'm on xpensive dial-up modem connection and can't really follow right now, I'll be back soon. Integrate it! -- 040328 22:19 UTC, +01h -- MattisManzel

There's not much to integrate; it's just a line of code that one enters on a wiki or web site page. -- MilkMiruku

MattisManzel May 25, 2006 16:32 CET: Heck! Sounds easy, how to?