May 7, 2006
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Personalize Your Side Bar

The term "personal SideBar" means that you can have your own sidebar in your homepage and its subpages (which you can treat as a personal workspace).

Note: The basic technical information to PersonalizeYourSideBar is in ChangeableSideBar and EditableSideBar. This page covers additional background information.

Of course there is no difference in procedure when e. g. a project workspace or a SubWiki is configured to get a specific SideBar.

Preparing the wiki

To have personal SideBars the wiki must use a TemplateText that contains a (configurable) sidebar. Otherwise some Admin must configure a suitable template and make a small change to the WikiConfigFile. An alternative is that you also PersonalizeYourTemplate but - the change in the WikiConfigFile is still necessary.

Assuming that the wiki is properly prepared you can define the page that is displayed as sidebar e. g. by an Option "*SideBarName=MyName/SideBar" in your ContextPage.

Is the wiki prepared?

Of course you can ask an Admin but you can also look into it and make sure yourself by looking at the variables TemplateInsertPassList and TemplateFile and by searching the TemplateText itself.

Variable TemplateInsertPassList:

Variable TemplateFile:

Look into the template: Admin/Template/SB

You can see that ProWikiCenter is currently not prepared. Philosophy: the best wiki is not that which combines all features but that which fits the needs of its users best.