December 15, 2008
Future Developments

ProWiki tries to reach AmbitiousGoals by current and future developments. The developments are driven by:

  1. UserNeeds -- this is what motivates us most
  2. FeatureRequests -- this is already structured and prepared to be developed
  3. ProWikiPhilosophy -- these are our general guidelines
There are a lot of details to consider. There are hundreds of features already developed and about the same number are prepared to be developed. This is the daily work.

The large developments ahead (2006-2008) are:

An optional development (2007-2009):

  • NativeExecutable -- while Perl serves us well, it clearly doesn't offer the maximum performance and efficiency. No script or VM language does. At some time we will switch to the D programming language or to good old C.


AndriusKulikauskas December 13, 2008 21:07 CET Hi Helmut - What are your thoughts for 2009? We're using ProWiki along with other online resources such as Yahoo! groups and Ning and chat. It would be helpful to know your plans and, where possible, to coordinate with you coding that I may do. How are you?

Andrius, well, I think that 2009 will see a number of ProWiki developments. There are technical improvements that are needed, features that have been long enough in the backlog, or for which the time has just come. All depends on projects actually needing the features, so I can not give a feature list or time line. But expect to see form entry to various kinds of wiki data, various new video interfaces and video interface options, and probably various interactive visualizations, among others. -- HelmutLeitner December 15, 2008 15:33 CET

AndriusKulikauskas December 15, 2008 17:40 CETThank you, Helmut! How do I contribute code changes to ProWiki? and collaborate regarding that? For example, I'm making some minor, but for me, important changes to the visitor's name form at Also, I'm curious, what are the most active wikis using ProWiki at this time?

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