May 24, 2006
Franz Wieser

Hello ProWiki Contributors

im New on this projekt Page since 2006 05 22

My Favorits

  • Wiki simplest
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • Webservice

Privat Projects

  • OpenOffice (XML) Filter to Wikiformat (for testing)
  • OpenOffice from/to RDF/RSS Filter (for testing)
  • XML Content (for my own use)
  • XML Shop (Projekt-idea)

working Project

  • XML DB
  • XSLT Creating
  • PHP SQL Development
  • Javascript/xhtml/css specials
  • SAP Projects
  • XML interfaces

Privat hobby

  • Philosophie about XML
  • Fotographie
  • Emotional Energetic
  • Reiki, Shamanic Energie
  • my son

my ideas in the project

find the best deklaration about interfaces to other wiki, other CMS, Content Tools ...

defintion Interfaces with XML (RDF, RSS, ATOM, OPML, opendocument), definition Webservice with XML Definition (RPC, WSDL, SOAP,..)

definition to use Offline Tools to manage Content and administration, with my favorit (OpenOffice - see Privat Projekts)

my philosphie

  • you have an idea
  • write your idea (how in former times a sheet paper)
  • can affect the idea
  • And the idea becomes reality
  • - (german) my XML Philosophie


Franz, welcome to ProWikiCenter. Feel at home and elaborate your topics or needs. Depending on your feeling you could use UserNeeds, FeatureRequests or create SubPages here like /Webservices to serve as a workspace. BTW could you introduce yourself? Where are you from? -- HelmutLeitner May 22, 2006 17:17 CET