May 5, 2006
Folder System

The ProWiki FolderSystem is a combination of classical wiki category features and additional innovative features.

The ProWiki FolderSystem is part classical:

  • to add a page to a folder, the user just writes the folder name into a page (BestPractices: below a separator line at the end of a page)
  • the users can still use the BackLinkFunction to get the folder list of pages (this is rarely used because pages are displayed directly)
The ProWiki FolderSystem adds a number of features:
  • the pages in a folder are shown directly below the folder page text. The users neither need to know the BackLinkFunction nor click on the folder page title to get the list of pages.
  • instead of the BackLinkFunction, which is essentially an expensive search function, a clever caching mechanism is used reducing the processing cost of accessing folders to zero.
  • if the page contains separator lines, only folder names below the last separator line are effective. This allows to talk about folders without putting a page into these folders necessarily.
  • if a folder page contains a bulleted list of folders, these folder names are interpreted as a folder substructure and the pages are grouped accordingly.
  • one can reconfigure the name for the FolderSystem (categories, folders, lists, ...) and choose that one which fits bests to the user target group or WikiApplication.
  • experimental: folders may define a structure of SubFolders. The pages of all these folders are shown together in a kind of partial hierarchy (see e. g. FolderLinking).