March 27, 2006
Download And Installation

This page describes the requirements, where to get the ProWiki source distribution and how to install and configure the system.

Short ProWiki description and requirements

ProWiki is Perl software that is called through CGI (common gateway interface) by Apache or similar web server software. The process delivers web pages to clients, answering corresponding HTTP requests. Users interact with wiki through their favorite web browsers.

Additional detail:

  • The file system is used to keep all data, no database is necessary.
  • RCS is used for page revisions (can be turned off, but this is not recommended).
  • The crontab subsystem is used to schedule processes (optional).
  • The sendmail interface is used to send e-mail notifications (optional).
Having a virtual server or a root server (LAMP) and administrative access (SSH), you need not worry about requirements. ProWiki is written with performance in mind. An old 1000 MHz/256MB PC can handle a hundred wiki systems and 3-5 million page requests per month easily.

Having a simple webspace, your are probably out of luck because you probably can't handle access rights and Apache configuration. Often there are additional restrictions with respect to available memory for program execution or bandwidth, so it is not really worth the effort to try.

Of course you can install ProWiki independently from the Internet, e. g. locally on your PC for personal information management or on an intranet server as a communication platform for your organization. Installation procedures do not change for these applications.


The download will be available very soon (hopefully March 15, 2006) from a public OpenSource server.