May 12, 2006
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Action Unlock

ActionUnlock is used to remove an erroneous lock of the wiki PageBase, which results in an the following error message:

timed out waiting for /.../lock

This lock is a normal aspect of an "lock-pageupdate-unlock" cycle that is done on any change to wiki pages. As long as the lock exists, no changes can be done. Scripts way 30 seconds for getting access to the lock and then they abort with the message given above.


  • wiki.cgi?action=admin
Example: The ActionUnlock takes a while because it first requests and waits for the lock to become free (5x3 seconds) before it becomes impatient and actually deletes it.

Notes for Supervisors and Programmers

The ProWiki Supervisor (server Admin) may also delete the lock located in the DataDir directory manually from the Linux command line, e. g. by "rmdir lock" or "rm -f lock".

Theoetically you could lock a wiki by manually creating the lock directory. Instead Option/AllowEdit=0 is recommended, preferrable in the WikiConfigFile, which directly displays a message to the user about the wiki being temporarily blocked for editing.


These erroneous locks are rare (less than 20 times since 2001 in 100+ wiki projects). Obviously it happens during a "lock-pageupdate-unlock" when a script dies or is aborted (which it should not, of course). The reason for this abort is not entirely clear. Some automatical mechanism to remove such an old lock would deprive us of the chance to understand and remove the real reason for this - once more "rare" - problem. So, sorry for the inconvenience, if it bites you. We will probably build an optional AutoUnlock mechanism into the ProWikiScript. -- HelmutLeitner May 12, 2006 9:18 CET

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