May 11, 2006
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Action Bhs

ActionBhs manually rebuilds the HotSpots statistics that is used for the dynamical CdmlHotspots display. ActionBhs needs Admin status.

The HotSpots statistics is typically rebuilt on demand when the existing statistics has grown older than a limit (typically 1200 seconds, see HotspotDelta). Sometimes it is desirable to tune the statistics for usability. But if you had to wait up to twenty minutes to check the effect this would be tiresome, therefore ActionBhs exists.


  • wiki.cgi?action=bhs


Why tune the "hotspots" statistics? Make it lie to the user?

Basically there are three situations where you, as an Admin or Host might want to tune it (without doing something immoral):

  • (1) your own page is constantly on top, so you want to tune it down
  • (2) some other page dominates the statistics is a way, that makes the rest of the list useless (e. g. 10x the access rates of the next best page).
  • (3) there is a page in the display that has been deleted or renamed and now shows a BeggingLink (ugly, danger of recreation)
How do I tune the "hotspots" statistics?

You basically assign an calculation factor to tune it down: