March 9, 2009

AndriusKulikauskas March 3, 2009 17:28 CET I'm trying to understand how the ProWiki code works, specifically, the file

It's about 500KB and very complicated (for me) so I'll start just by isolating parts.

It may look complicated but note that this single script contains all of the logic of ProWiki. There is not a single line of code elsewhere. Any function or global variable name is unique, so using simple text search you can find the place of definition and all places of use. There is no overloading of names. Also note that there are naming conventions that are followed with only a few exceptions. So, if you need some function about time, just look for the word "Time" contained in identifiers, and again you will find all there is. So, in the end, when you understand the method, it should not be that complicated. -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you, Helmut! I'm making some progress. AndriusKulikauskas March 9, 2009 13:51 CET