June 15, 2007
Cdml Video

CdmlVideo plays video clips. Note that older browser versions may be unable to support this.

The clips may be stored on your server or on the popular free YouTube and GoogleVideo servers. The free servers are pretty useful if you have no problem with their open licenses because they take the burden of the large storage and bandwidth requirements.


produced by:


This is a free example from

The integration of video content is experimental.


  • movie: the identification of the movie (this depends on the server platform). When you upload a video clip to a server platform you get the information how to reference it from your website.
    • (default: fJ3juM6vHwg) ... This default makes only sense with the server default YouTube.
  • width: defines the horizontal extension of the blank space
    • (default: 320); e.g. [width=600]
  • height: defines the vertical extension of the blank space
    • (default: 240); e.g. [height=300]
  • autostart: makes the video clip start immediately without user interaction. Probably only senseful if there is only one video pretty on top of a page.
    • (default: 0); e.g. [autostart=1]
  • server: let's you choose the server where the video is loaded from.
    • e. g. server=youtube (the default)
    • e. g.
    • e. g. server=mediaplayer+url (your server, a MediaPlayer-compatible format, typically .wmv)
    • e. g. server=realplayer+url (your server, a RealPlayer-compatible format, typically .rm)
  • url: If only an url parameter is given, then no special server is assumed and a proposed HTML interface is used, depending on the filename extension.



This is experimental and just a start. We intend to give any necessary support to make good use of video content in the context of wiki. If you are interested in video, please turn to the DorfWiki:VideoBridge project which digs deep into video production, broadcasting and conferencing issues. This project has a strong educational background and currently drives the development process. A lot of extensions are planned. You are welcome with your needs, feedback and ideas. -- HelmutLeitner October 14, 2006 12:06 CET

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