July 20, 2007
Cdml Question
An experimental CdmlElement for use in a learning environment to provide quick feedback. Javascript is needed to have it working.

1. What does "wiki" mean?

2. What good is ProWiki?
Good fer Nuthin?
Killer App man!
I dunno....
What be a wiki?

3. Which of these people are wiki founders?
Richard Stallman
Sunir Shah
Linus Thorvalds
Ward Cunningham
Bill Gates

4. Select the correct answer:

One of the most famous soccer players in the world is      Maradona.

5. Enter the correct word:

One of the most famous soccer players in the world is      Maradona.

That's just a glimpse into the future of wiki usage at schools, something we actively develop. Look into MeatBall:WikiSchool for the overall project framework. Contact me, if you want to apply wiki for this purpose or contribute to the development of e-learning features in other ways. -- HelmutLeitner

Browser compatibility tests (please add to this list) / Tests de compatibilité navigateurs (merci de compléter la liste) :

  • Opera 7.23
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Netscape 4.79
  • Mozilla 1.6
  • Firefox 0.91
  • ...

En Français le projet WikiSchool / E-learning

Ici un aperçu simple du futur de l'usage wiki dans les écoles, quelque chose que nous développons activement. Jetez un oeil sur MeatBall:WikiSchool pour une structure plus complète du projet. Contactez-nous si vous souhaitez tester wiki pour un tel projet ou contribuer au développement d'autres fonctionnalités de e-learning en cours de test sur FractalWiki:FR/WikiQuizz -- ChristopheDucamp

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